14-42mm X Lens Still Blurry After Firmware Update

Started Nov 18, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: 14-42mm X Lens Still Blurry After Firmware Update

zxaar wrote:

Its funny how some diehards trying to defend this lens. The images OP posted should not be there at any speed , the lens is pure rubbish.

The problem is, there have been other threads here with what looked like some fairly decent direct side by side comparisons with the x lens against one of the 'normal' ones (and I think it was the 14-45 ??). Those tests, showed only the very slightest difference in quality - in my books, the little loss in contrast (as that was all it was) is well worth the gains obtained by the physical size reduction. So the 14-42x does seem to be capable of some decent results - the question is, is this issue we see here OIS related, or copy related, or what? I don't think we can dismiss the 14-42x as a whole as ' pure rubbish'. (although the images in the OP are indeed unacceptable!)

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