Anyone used the under £100 Epson B1100 A3+ ?

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Re: Anyone used the under £100 Epson B1100 A3+ ?

Thanks for the feedback. At the current UK price (all Epson products are normally around 60% more than in the USA, with normally no cashbacks - but things seem to be changing, probably due the current economic situation and falling sales in the EU Countries) the low price on this printer seems a worthwhile way to get a backup to keep in reserve "in case" as is way cheaper than any out-of-warranty repair and about the same as just a replacement printhead - without the installation costs or DIY problems.

I checked the link and apparently has 3pl jets which should still be fine - my much older 1200 had larger nozzles than that and worked fine for many years, as did the 1160 too.

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