Moire and jumping to conclusions.

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Moire and jumping to conclusions.

Well the recent spate of back and forth attacks on 1022 have reminded me of a few months ago when I tried to get people here to think about the implications of the strength of the AA filter. I started a few threads, but all of them got maxed out, mostly by the bickering and attacking, rather than constructive discussion (although SOME people did attempt it, for which I thank them).

As ever, a whole bunch of the usual suspects jumped on me and accused me of trying to knock olympus by showing that the E5 gives moire.
In reality though, what I had done is ask the following question:

This is a 100% crop

If you were to see this, would you laugh and say "I'd stay a million miles from that camera", or would you say "hmmm ... that must be a pretty sharp sensor and lens to get that amount of colour moire ... bet its a cracking landscape camera.."

And I posted an image. The thread is here BTW.

The more astute of you will notice that nowhere in that text does it say the word "olympus". The question asked is a perfectly sensible one and I went on then later in the thread to basically pose the question of: can you use moire as a metric for assessing how sharp a sensor is? This is a photography forum. It is a perfectly legitimate question, and for many of those people who may be considering 'upgrading' from an E3 or E30 etc to the E5, I'm sure the question must be asked somewhere in their purchasing decision.

However, I got flamed for posting a shot showing how the E5 can produce colour moire.

But did I?

A number of people made a big play of wanting to see the full sized image and for me to post exif. There is no reason why you have to do this to judge a 100% crop! if you haven't got the brains to know what a 100% crop looks like and how that then translates to what you yourself ends up doing with that image, then you might as well stay out of the conversation in the first place. Unless of course you have no intention of doing anything other than try and cause trouble.

Here is another 100% crop of either the exact same image, or maybe it was one taken at the same time from the same camera in the same series (can't recall, but its irrelevant - before some sad Australian sees a fly perched on a brick in the original and not this version and accuses me of fabricating the whole thing...), but this time from a faststone screengrab which shows what took that moire riddled image (and yes, it would be very clear and very apparent if you printed it out!)

Oly bashing am I? Surely if I'm bashing anything, its Nikon ??

Olympus E-3 Olympus E-5
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