Zeus 2500 flash vs Dynalite What do you think?

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Re: Zeus 2500 flash vs Dynalite What do you think?

kenyee wrote:

michael lipman wrote:

The speedotron force 10 is about 1/4 stop dimmer …

I'm surprised the Force 10 is only 1/4 stop dimmer...you'd think w/ the power difference, it'd be a lot dimmer...

It is one of the reasons why monolights became more popular than pack and head systems.(And why the national grid uses AC.) DC just doesn’t travel well – a lot of power is lost between the pack and the head. It is probably also behind Paul Buff’s ridiculous ‘effective’ watt-seconds for Alien Bees – not a comparison between monolights, but between monolights and packs.

If you really want to travel lighter, then some of the better quality 1200 Ws monolights may be worth investigating: Bowens Gemini 1500 Ws, Elinchrom RX 1200 Ws, and Rime Lite XB 1200 Ws.

And please don't suggest the profoto Acute 2400 because I tried that and it just did not hold up to traveling and being dropped by out of town assistants. The profoto Acute was light at 14lbs but the flash heads were heavy and broke all the time.

The newer Acute 2 still has recycle times of around three seconds at full power. The Profoto D4 Air would give you recycle times of around two seconds, for only three times the price. Or for only twice as much again, the Profoto Pro8a would give you recycle times of less than a second. Although I don’t know why you would need fast recycle times for interiors.

Brian A

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