UWA landscape composition. Show us yours.

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Re: The Horseshoe Bend, Wave, Arches NP.......

Ben_Egbert wrote:

Awsome examples, I see you trudged up that sandy hill as well. Nice catch on the Horsehoe, I always get boats in the river and a bland sky.

This was in the middle of July, rainy season. Barely got some sun through the clouds but that what made this shot so gorgeous.

That sandy hill was nothing comparing to hike to the wave. If I go there again I will bring oxygen instead of water. Seems like all that red sand has some iron in it and it sucks up all the oxygen plus high temps did not help much. But hey I was glad friend of mine got passes because they are so difficult to get.

My only nit, the last image has the polarizer effect in the sky. Hard to use polarizers on WA.

No filters at all, just some minor processing.

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