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How does a Host verify a date an image was taken ? how does a Host verify a "no PP" rule ? how does a Host verify the maximum number of entries per person when a person may have multiple IDs ? how does a Host verify that a picture was taken using just one hand ?

There are many many rules used by Hosts which are not 100% verifiable . . . but sometimes that is how it is with some rules. The first step in banning something is to make it a beach of the rules . . if that isn't done then it's not against the rules.

Enforcement comes after . . it has to be made a breach of the rules first . . . enforcement may be by deterrent . . hence the whole point of my "What should be done with cheats" thread.

onlooker wrote:

RaptorUK wrote:

OK, you are suggesting that the Host adds this "No soliciting of votes" as a specific rule of their Challenge ? . . I can agree to that.

And how do we verify it and enforce it? This opens a pandora's box and is subject to interpretation and potential abuse in itself. Does anyone have a realistic and quantifiable approach to this?

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