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Re: Scarlet is a joke.

RRJackson wrote:

ljfinger wrote:

I was considering using 3K+120fps for engineering work, where light wasn't limited and I didn't mind deep DOF. So, yeah, I'm bummed too.

I dunno if you caught this when they released it, but this was their demo of the 2/3" Scarlet's 120 fps capabilities. Also serves as a pretty nice demo of the low light abilities of their 2/3" sensor, especially when you take into account that you need 4 times as much light to shoot at 120 fps as you do at 30 fps.


Nice video.

... or 120fps just needs twice as much light as 30p if you have to use 1/60s exposure to avoid blurry images for 30p and can accept 1/120s for the 120p frame rate.

Then you can join two images and get a 60p at 1/60s if you want less noise then 120fps. Or why not keep 120fps and use 1/60s exposures

I don't know if the old Scarlet would support 100% duty cycle (360 degree shutter) for the shutter.

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