Yosemite Glacier Point Pano

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Re: Yosemite Glacier Point Pano

David Nall wrote:

joaquin100 wrote:


Do you mind to share your tricks general speaking?

The Pano looks just great, like a large window being there, its about the best it can get ihmo.

Thank you very much.

Do you go autofocus?

Yes. always in single point, not continuous.

What focal lenght do you think works best?

I tend to lean towards the longer mm lenses such as 50 to 85mm and do more than one row if necessary to get enough sky and foreground. Wide angle lenses tend to minimize the infinity stuff so I avoid them except for single frame or smaller panoramas.

Do you care about nodal points?

No, I let the software take care of that.

What kind of Head do you use ?(i mean on Tripod)

I shoot almost exclusively without a tripod, by using VR lenses or fast enough shutter speeds over 1/100th.

Do you go MLU/Self Timer/Normal?

Never, but might be useful but have been satisfied without making it more difficult.

I always allow plenty of overlap while shooting and keep the camera focus points along the horizon if possible.
Hope this helps. Try some multi frame/row panos around your home for practice.

Personally i am not disappointed with what i get when i do 12 or less frames for a Pano, after that count it gets from tricky to annoying.

Thank you


Thank you David for share that.

I will give it a try

this might be my best so far..



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