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Karl Scharf wrote:

Michel J wrote:

seilerbird666 wrote:

I too use 16:9 exclusively. My laptop is 16:9 and it just makes more sense to me to compose in the format that the photo will appear in. Now if I only shot prints I would be in standard 2:3 format, but I only print about one photo a year.

Ever since the big 2009 switch to HDTV 16:9 is slowing becoming the worldwide standard for all TVs, movies, and computers. I hope someday it will be the worldwide standard for photos. 16:9 is the format that most closely mimics what the human eyes seen in the real world.

BTW, the "price per shot" is low in the digital world, up to the situation, but it's easy going back... to 2:3


That is one of the big advantages of digital photography in general: you can change from one format to the other just by pushing a button. And once you load the images into the computer, you can further crop to any image size that suits your needs.

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Except for that there's no "going back" to 3:2 as by then a large portion of the image are will be cropped out :^\

Can't that tv be set up to "zoom" on full resolution images to show them at the tv's full width, so they'd look the same as those shot at 16:9? Then you could get the wider original 3:2 field of view, should you want that for some of your photos.

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