Picasa Web vs Flickr, I know it's been done but everybody is different

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You're not confused, there's just different features...

topperdoggle wrote:

I use Facebook for a few photos for my "real life" connections, but of course the quality isn't the best and it means people who I don't know can't see my photos. I'd like to share some with the wider community.

You can share with the wider community with Facebook - because of competition from Google+, Facebook has emphasised that you can share your album to your friends or to the public.

However, the public can't comment I think and the public may not easily know your stuff is there.

I like Picasa Web as it's easy to configure sharing, cheap storage, stores original resolution, and many people have Google accounts.

Picasa Web is due for major modifications. There has been an overnight surge (well, not overnight, but like in a few months) of photogs of all skill levels in Google+

Google+ uses Picasa Web as the data store but there are two interfaces to that store - the traditional Picasa Web interface which has not been much enhanced, and a totally new Google+ Photos Web interface.

Picasa Web used to have a 1Gb limit but as the store of Google+ Photos, they are saying that any photo smaller than 2048 pixels side and video less than 15 mins is free storage.

I like Flickr as it's meant to be more serious from the photography point of view.

Maybe it was. It no longer is "more serious" because over the years, everyone has an account there, free or paid. By momentum, yes, pro income photogs have presence there but they are not necessarily dropping by to say hi on a beginner's photostream.

However not a lot of people I know have accounts.

Surprising. You may have to "work the community" more. Join up more Flickr groups, expose your photos more. Develop relationships.

I also find the UI incredibly powerful, it is meant to have a great pro community and I seem to have the feeling that it is here that I should really put my photos if I take pride in them.

The "leading lights" are now putting photos in 500px.com to showcase their artistic talent. And then there's Zenfolio, Smugmug, you name it. Photo.NET has a lot of photo nerds - the number of websites is large.

So my strategy is:

1. Upload a very few to Facebook for friends' feedback (I won't get much feedback on 2 and 3 as not enough of them have accounts).

I use Facebook for some friends and family type photos and some art photos because I do have some existing Facebook photo friends.

2. Upload most to Picasa Web for people who want to browse through larger quantities and who have Google accounts for private photos.

The "in" website is now Google+ which hooks onto Picasa Web. There are daily themes for submission, there is a critique group, there is a showcase extract, there are thousands of followers - one guy said he only started with a bridge cam in 2005 and now he has how many thousand followers. Trey Ratliff has millions of followers.

3. Upload a few to Flickr - the ones I consider most impressive, so as not to dilute the quality, and not to hit the monthly upload limit. Flickr doesn't seem like a site where people upload all their snaps from some holiday or whatever, but I could be wrong.

Flickr has only an upload limit of 200 and a monthly upload limit if you don't pay. For a some dollars you get an unlimited account. Yes, Flickr isn't normally for family shots like Facebook.

I would probably ditch Picasa and use Flickr instead if more of my contacts had accounts, for photos that I don't want to make public.

Picasa has a one way of sharing a private album. You get a randomised URL tail and your album is not listed publicly. Only someone who knows that random generated long tail can see your album. This allows you to share with friends by sending them email and yet there is privacy because no one normally knows what the url is. Flickr does not have an equivalent.

Has anybody here moved from one to the other, and would you go back? Am I creating a headache here by considering maintaining Picasa Web and Flickr accounts?

I have all three and more.....

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