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Re: Nex & FF..?

If LEICA is able to make enough money from selling ONLY A FEW THOUSANDS of their hyper-snobish-vip FF RF cameras selling them for a lot of thousands of dollars. Then I see no reason, why a reasonably priced camera, full of advanced technologies, would not sell in 100 times larger quantities bringing large revenue even from the then already (ex)-Leica users that would certainly jump ship to the new FF nex with their lenses... This way, SONY would even win over some new RICH customers who would be even willing to pay premium prices for some high-quality glass for the NEX FF system... Think about it, SONY! There is a lot of cash in there. And you practically don't have to develop ANY new technologies at all!

(me and thousands of people want an obtainable FF E-Mount camera)

with IBIS, please .)

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