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Weird hiatus from PL25 argument with EP3 - any ideas?

Have suffered the "rattlesnake" issue with the PL25 plugged into my EP3. I've persevered somewhat but have been seriously contemplating trading the EP3 for a G3 or GH2 - because, yes, I believe the PL25 is that good! (IMHO only).

But I thought I'd share this tale, as posted elsewhere, and see if this helps us come nearer to a solution...oh how I would love a solution to this problem, as I do love the UI of the EP3 best.

"Just took the kit for a walk. Being an hour or so after dawn as we near Summer here in Australia the light is still quite bright. True to form as soon as I turned it on the EP3 and PL25 argued and argued.... I tried [different modes including] M-mode but, ... it made no difference to the pitch, volume or frequency of the rattle.

Curiously though, it didn't get louder as I went along. I entered a stand of trees (strong shadow) and of course it was quiet (as no arguments about how much light was entering the box). Then I headed back out into the blazing sun, bracing myself for the commotion and.....nothing. Not a peep!!!! The whole thing was as silent as a monk. I walked around in sun and shade for over 15 minutes, covered the lens and then held it directly to the sun. Nothing, blissfully quiet. I must say this was heaven....the EP3 and PL25 marry very well when they're not fighting. Fast and accurate focus and highly responsive. So I made my way back to the house a very happy camper. Peace at last.

But before I went back inside, I thought I'd push my luck. I turned the camera off and back on again. Then swung back into the light. You guessed it the marital bliss was at an end and the fighting began afresh.

So we have a weird anomaly. The rattlesnake stopped after about 10 minutes of continued use and under varying and quite extreme lighting conditions. I didn't press any significant buttons or change any settings, the sound just died down of it's own accord.

Any one willing to give this a go with their kit? Also any thoughts on why this might be the case? It might have been a one-off but it was encouraging."

Any ideas?

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