S100 sharpness and auto settings

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Re: S100 sharpness and auto settings

gail wrote:

Jostian wrote:

Remember the S100 is using a CMOS sensor and not a CCD sensor like the A650 or S95, CMOS sensor are characteristically better in dealing with noise but they deliver 'softer' results and colours can be slightly washed out too, just the was it is. You'll need to tweak sharpness and contrast settings in your S100 to offset the CMOS effects.

So easy to do. In fact, I've found the colors of my s100 almost too saturated for my taste, so in My Colors Custom mode I've decreased contrast and saturation, and decreased blue and red.

After reading so many of these types of threads, I'm beginning to think there is something wrong with my camera.

It produces vibrant colors, I don't find significant corner blur like shown in a photo of a poster of a house bey a reviewer, and I find the photos acceptably sharp for my needs (though I always sharpen images when editing, even photos from my DSLR).

I find very little differences between the results taken with my S90 (CCD sensor) and S100 (CMOS sensor), except that the S100 has less noise in higher ISO images and shot-to-shot times are faster in burst modes.

I'm beginning to think I should sell my s100 on Craigslist.
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Hahahaha - awesome.

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