What is happening to these forums

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Re: What is happening to these forums

dlinney wrote:

The forums seem to becoming less and less civil by the day. So many threads seem to become bogged down in personal insults, accusations of lying and xenophobia. Is it so hard for us in the photographic community to discuss our photographic interests in the manner I am sure we would adopt if talking face to face? I find myself starting to read a thread because it interstes me as a subject but then abandoning the effort because of the personal comments being made or attacks on whole cultures.

I am also surprised that moderation seems not to be addressing many of these abuses.

Oh grow up and stop being a sissy! Go home to your mommy if you can't take the heat. And do you even know the difference between an F stop and a Bus stop? Bet your camera is a pinhole shoebox. By the way, your mommy dresses you funny.

hehehe.... just kidding. I totally agree with you.

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