Sigma failed me

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Frank Borges
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Sigma failed me

Having taken abuse from Sigma camera and lens products and after having done an 8-10 week study on what to replace my Sigma dysfunctionals with, I have decided on the Sony A900 system with a set of Zeiss lens.

I now need to decide, should I buy the A900 or wait due to the possible arrival of the A950. Or, since I'm very interested in the removal of the "Anti Alias" filter from these 24+ meg cameras, should I just buy an A850 have the AA removed and be happy with that? What fun this is.

My key and only interest in the SIGMA SD camera line was the Foveon chip.

From what I have read, removing the "AA" filter from a Bayer chip camera will indeed
create that fine image sharpness that I had coveted from the Foveon product.

Part of the reason why AA filter removal in the Sony's A900 is such a good idea is because of it's 24+ meg chip. This higher pixel rate has less likelihood of moiré. Not that it will be a problem at all. The moiré issue was a problem in the 10 and less
meg pixel Bayer cameras, but we are past that threshold.

The excellent report by Luminous Landscape, SD1 versus SONY A900, showed a very slight edge in SD1 resolution. I'm sure this advantage was due to the A900's AA filter smearing some of the very fine detail the A900+Zeiss produced. That aside, the SD1 displayed very poor color gradation transitions compared to the SONY A900.

If there were more samples of the A900/950 without it's AA filer that would be nice,but

I have read and seen enough to convince me that the A850/900/950 has more than enough image quality to outclass the Sigma SD1 and of course my SD15 that I now like to call "image clipper". I'm also convinced that the Sony will have better dynamic range over the Sigmas, very important.

The many additional user friendly add-ons like built-in focus adjustment and vastly superior auto focus, is just icing on the camera cupcake.

It took me a long time to realize that Sigma was just using me/us as a proving ground

or test bed. Promising a lot, delivering little, and now add gorging us on pricing.

I will in the future post some 25meg non-AA raws (Sony), since I would like some

oppion as to what I will be finding, if that bothers you, use the ignor button, but I think you will be curious to know.

I'm sad to see a great many experts on this site no longer dropping in. If they
cannot say something good about SIGMA products than they say nothing at all.

I wish they will forget their hurt feelings and join in the general debate that can
only help this company see it's errors and begin it's path of recovery. No one

wishes a company, meaning it's people to fail. Japan is a great honored country. Everyone or most are shocked at what has transpired. I sincerly hope Sigma
rediscovers it's Nippon.



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Frank Borges

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