full frame cameras mean big lenses?

Started Nov 18, 2011 | Discussions thread
SteveHorn Regular Member • Posts: 237
Canon hint

I recall a report of an interview with a Canon executive who was asked if Canon would produce a mirrorless camera. The reply was for that market it doesn't matter if the camera has a mirror, what mattered is that the camera is small.

When I look at my Olympus OM1 I keep wishing that a modern digital full frame reflex camera could be as neat and beautiful as my Olympus. The camera is small, the viewfinder is huge, it has a mirror and the lenses are small.

I would be very happy if Canon could produce a line of EOS cameras and EF lenses as small as possible, while retaining the quality of full frame. The 5Dmk3 perhaps and some new small primes that are sharp at full aperture?

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