Is the 14-24 +70-200 all I need? Owners, please help me get it right

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Re: Is the 14-24 +70-200 all I need? Owners, please help me get it right

Martin_MM wrote:

Hi fellows, I´m finally going FX and despite I have always kind of disdained those starting threads like "help me decide", to my surprise I´m finally doing that too.... Yes, you can smirk now ;-). The reason is simple: it is quite a big investment, probably the definitive one for my lifetime so every photographers´experience is very valuable to me and I would be grateful for any comment of owners (current or former).

I have thought about various variants but finally I think I what I would like to have the best is D700 + 14-24 + 70-200/2.8. I´m shooting all kind of shots, nothing specialized but what I want is some fast telephoto lens (portraits, shallow DOF photography, reach, compression effect) + wide ange for landscapes, interesting perspective, unique look and squeezed spaces.

My paradigma is: no more than 2 lenses (don´t feel like carrying and swapping more) but those two as excellent & high-quality as it gets.

I think one can live without a midrange zoom (?) that´s why I (with a heavy heart in a way) omitted the 24-70. Maybe I could add 50/1.4 one day to 14-24+70-200 setup instead...

As for the wide angle, what I would like the best is 16-35 f2.8 - like Canon has. I´m a bit worried about the rather short range of the 14-24 and the gap to 70-200.... But I don´t want f4 lens, mainly because shooting kids in interior is when every stop counts for me. The 24/1.4 prime is fabulous for sure but I don´t need f1.4 et the expense of fixed focal lens.

Please is there anybody who has 14-24 + 70-200 (+ maybe 50/f1.4) lenses only, his shooting style is similar to mine and this setup has proved to be all one ever needs?

add the 24-70 and u shud be good
well maybe a 300vr or 300/4

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