Ever just take a 4/3rds system and leave the big DSLR guns at home?

Started Nov 10, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: Ever just take a 4/3rds system and leave the big DSLR guns at home?

I have just bought in to m4/3 mainly as a lightweight alternative to my SLR gear.

I have no desire to drop the SLR setup, as for certain things it is still a fair bit ahead of m4/3 - having an optical viewfinder, faster af speed and better response to name a couple, not to mention the fact I already have a fair investment in lenses and other gear.

At the same time there are still more than enough times I want a camera better than a compact, but don't want the weight and size of the SLR, which is where a GF2 and 14mm comes into play - great quality, limitations that are easy enough to live with or work around and a very easily carried size.

How do I choose which kit to carry? Thats the trickier question - I can see it being a bit of a tough question when you are looking at something like a big trip, where you really want the best quality, but at the same time want to save the weight...

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