RAW vs sRAW and 8bit vs 16bit tiff...thoughts?

Started Nov 16, 2011 | Discussions thread
itsDing Senior Member • Posts: 2,049
Re: Thanks for the advice and a followup question.

l shoot full raw for my work and l have found that if l open the image in DPP, sharpen a little then transfer to Photoshop as a 16 bit TIFF file, do my manipulation including a little more sharpening then last thing is to change to 8 bit and save in a folder ready to go to the lab l get superb image quality. lf l open the file in ACR then transfer to Photoshop, do what l need then the image quality is pretty poor compared to 1st method. l have no idea why! l can do very heavy crops from 20D/40D images and get fabulous 12x16 prints which is about as large as my customers seem to want. l do have them on special offer if they buy my family package. Can anyone explain why the 1st method works so well?

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