SD14/15 Optimal RAW workflow

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Re: SD14/15 Optimal RAW workflow

Finding the best color balance with the SD14 can sometime be a chore--but the results are usually worth the extra effort. I always develop RAW files in Sigma software (with sharpening reduced to minus 6 or so). The Sigma fill feature is simply unique. I then sharpen and make color and level/curve adjustments in Photoshop (including RAW file adjustment of TIFF files) as needed. It is often the case that my SD14 produces oversaturated color and it has to be diminished some.

I've tried Iridient Raw Developer with the SD14, but the software doesn't compensate for greenish image margins that the Sigma software does. So Iridient gives some hard-to-fix, irregular shaped greenish color shifts at image margins. Nice color and sharpening with Iridient, though.

Perhaps the most curious aspect of the SD14 is the fine Kodachrome-like color when shooting in 50 ISO--just expose for highlights when in 50 ISO, as if shooting Kodachromes. Not much highlight head room in 50 ISO, unlike when shooting 100 ISO when there is simply lots of recoverable fine highlight detail in overexposures.

Avoid underexposures as much as possible--crazy red and blue spider noise in shadows otherwise.

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