Question on feathering when copying a mask in PS

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Re: Question on feathering when copying a mask in PS

selwynbr wrote:

joey_B wrote:

What feathering does is create a smooth transition between the hard, one pixel selection edge. with your mask, that transition is already in the masks data in the form of gray values.

But again a little timesaver: in your example, create the curves layer with a mask. then, without making a selection, make the Hue adjustment layer, and then click in between the two while holding Alt. This wil make the upper layer use the lower layer as a clipping mask. In CS4 and up you could also click on the three interlocking circles in the adjustments dialog before making the upper layer, then it will be clipped instantaneously to the lower.

Joey, I understand clipping masks. All I want is to be able to have the feathering value I used in the original mask reappear in the copied mask, & not to be reset to 0.

Sel it won't ever give you that original feather setting. Imagine you made a selection with a feathering of 10 say, then changed the feathering to 20 an added to that selection and then applied it as a mask. Then as you stated you go back to it, the feathering is zero. It can't sho anything else can it because it would be wrong since here were two different settings involved to make up the mask. So it safely sets it a zero.

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