Which camera would you buy an 8 year old?

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Re: Which camera would you buy an 8 year old?

Russell Evans wrote:

Hughesnet wrote:

As if a mugger is going to know at a glance if a camera is film or not...

You can't tell at a glance whether a camera is film or not? So you who have no other incentive other than it just being a hobby can tell, and someone that is risking 3 years in jail at a minimum, can't? Don't you also think they would want more than a couple of bucks for that risk? How many times do you think they will make the mistake?

I agree with the other guy, it's assuming a lot to assume that the kind of mugger who's going to mug your 8 year old has any idea whether a camera is an older and unvaluable film camera, or a modern or dslr camera. Particularly since some modern cameras try to look old (x100, x10, and to the untrained eye most dslr's), I don't think a mugger is going to sit down and take an inventory beforehand.

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