Sigma 17-50 OS owners! OS engage/disengage question. Please check yours

Started Nov 17, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Gabebalazs Junior Member • Posts: 34
Sigma 17-50 OS owners! OS engage/disengage question. Please check yours

(posting this here too, perhaps I'll get more responses)

Got a new Sigma 17-50mm OS just recently (bought secondhand). It's a very good lens, sharp with nice contrast and color rendition.

I have a question regarding the OS though:

By putting my ear against the barrel, I found that the OS motor(?) keeps spinning, whirring long after (sometimes even 30 seconds) I took the shot. HOWEVER, the actual OS element/stabilization function is NOT active during that extra time, it is only active when I half press the shutter and take the picture (like it should).

When the OS motor eventually stops I hear the usual, normal, faint clicking sound of it disengaging, no more faint whirring.

I own 2 other Sigmas with OS and had others in the past. None of them do that.

Is this something new? Does the OS motor spin for a prolonged time to be "ready" for the shot so to speak? (just my theory). Sometimes it spins even when I turn my camera on for the first time, without taking any shots.

So, Sigma 17-50 OS owners, would you check your copies? Listen closely to the barrel after the shot has been taken. Do you hear a faint whirring sound long after the shot was taken?


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