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Re: Too many report problems for it to be one bad camera…

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I regrettably returned mine. Picked up a GF1 + 20 mm for the same price after.

So you returned a camera with IBIS that works well when really needed (slow shutter speeds) for a camera and lens neither which are stabilized, with the addition of what is generally regarded as poor ISO performance above 800 on the GF1. That is an interesting solution to a perceived problem.

AFAIK the E-PM1 isn't any better at high ISO than the GF1 when shooting RAW. Only the JPEG engine seems to be any better.

Honestly I think the biggest difference is going to be AF performance, which is blazing fast on the E-PM1 and dog slow on the GF1. Of course the 20mm is dog slow on any body, so I guess it doesn't much matter.

I've played with both and I'd say their AF performance are in the same ballpark, especially in lower light.

I also played with both and the difference in AF is night and day between the GF1 and the E-PM1. Also the noise performance is much better in RAW, not only in jpeg on the E-PM1. The image engine on the GF1 is very old compared to the new generation.

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