Ever just take a 4/3rds system and leave the big DSLR guns at home?

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Re: The end result...

I may still take the 24-105. If I did leave the 70-300L and 16-35 behind and take the 45-200 for the G3 I'd certainly save a bit on weight.

That is what I'd do if I decided to take both the Dslr and mft. You save much weight, yet you have your 5d for the most used focals length. And for the other shots, you still have your mft format to fill the gap, even if IQ won't be totally on parr, you'll be able to get the shot.

But then, I'm a woman and don't like to lug heavy backpacks. I'm living in the mountains and after a certain altitude every 100 grams added seems to weight more. It could easily spoil your pleasure if you get too tired. Also at a certain elevation, the effort to take your heavier combo out may just be too much. I'd be weary of dragging heavy gear around and not even use it because it is a pain to take it out.. But then, I'm of the kind who prefer to go light and have every thing at hand.

This should also depends upon how high in the mountains you are going, of course.

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