Is GH2 Still Best Still/Video Hybrid Cam?

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Re: Alternatives

amtberg wrote:

It is pure speculation. That said, I think that all of the major players will have serious mirrorless systems in the next few years. As EVFs get better and better SLRs will lose more and more market share.

Half speculation, half not. The Nikon have made and tested FF prototypes with 1 series type AF from the main sensor - both with mirror and with EVF...that is not speculation.

How this will translate into product? That I am guessing. My guess is that the engineers boasts that they could go straight to the EVF model is being overconfident and the next thing we will see is the new system with great performance, but with a traditional mirror and AF system still there so that if they find situations where the new system does not work, they can always say the old system is still actually the main one. I suspect they will not remove the mirror until the feedback says 'we are sick of having the use the screen because the viewfinder does not work in live mode'.

Of course I could still be wrong and although they have the tech and the engineers rave....they do not release anything new at all. As I said, what they have built is definite physical and real, but how it impacts products is guessing.

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