NEC wide gamut quandry

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Re: NEC wide gamut quandry

ronzie wrote:

In QImage Pro get into Edit\Preferences\Color Management. In Images input section add the NEC color profile. Then uncheck honor EXIF tag when no color space is embedded.

In the Monitor section enable the monitor profile and select the NEC profile. (The name is serialized.)

In the Printer output section enable color management, select the printer profile, and choose Perceptual which gives the best translation for maximum saturation in the color profile.

Some profiles have a section for more than one rendering intent. Here's a screen shot of a diagnostic I use to show information about a profile.

Don't forget in your printer driver to set the correct paper type and then in color settings set it to manual with no icm selection (because QImage will do that and you do not want double profiling) or none depending on the printer driver.

It might be worth invrstigation if QImage Ultimate can force the printer color space - I'm not sure.

OK, I think I got all that. Thanks!

I just finished calibrating with 36 different combinations of gamut (aRGB and Full), White Point (D50, D44, and D65), Intensity (120 140, and 160), and Contrast of 300 and Default. Sheew! Tomorrow I'll check all of them with printed test images.

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