Everest base camp - backup solution?

Started Nov 16, 2011 | Discussions thread
magnumgf Regular Member • Posts: 136
Re: Everest base camp - backup solution?

Oly Kod wrote:

People have died trying to get to the top, and oxygen gets thinner and thinner. Even some people who wore the oxygen masks havent made it. Unless he is with experienced people who have climbed everest multiple times it wont be safe. So either way its dangerous. With a helicopter the pilot can controll it to go slowly up.

It is not safe, even with experienced people who have climbed Everest multiple times. There are examples of these "experienced" people and their clients dying on Everest.

He is going up to Everest Base camp. Not Everest summit. To acclimatize safely you need to gain altitude slowly, in days or weeks. A helicopter will not hang around in the air for that long...

Finally, Oly, what is the point of giving advice about something you have no knowledge about?

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