RAW vs sRAW and 8bit vs 16bit tiff...thoughts?

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RAW vs sRAW and 8bit vs 16bit tiff...thoughts?

Wondering if anyone here knows whether shooting full Raw and converting to 8bit tiff is on par, better, or worse than shooting sRAW and converting to 16bit tiff for processing in PSP, PS, or PSE. I like shooting in full raw and the file sizes are large enough to slow down my computer when processing the 16bit tiff. As a note i recently built my computer with the latest i7-2600k with 16gb 1600mhz ram and even a couple raptor 10,000rpm HD's. the 50D raw files are the ones in question. they produce some large Tiff's! at least for an aps-c. the 1dII i have is not nearly a concern. The 50D, in sRaw produces files close to that of the 1D.

Is there something inherently bad about shooting in sRaw and converting to 16bit tiff? Is there something inherently bad about converting a full raw file to only 8bit?

Currently I convert my raw files (in either sRaw or full RAw) to 8bit before processing if they are going straight to the web.

Im asking these questions because in the end choosing only one method, instead of switching back and forth will save time. should I just stick with full RAW and use 16bit tiff's and suck up the slight lags? After all i did by the cameras to exploit their abilities and the use the quality to its full potential.

I should also note i use DPP and export tiff's into paintshop pro x3. So if someone thinks its also software related please let me know. I know PSP has its fans and enemies.

Any and all advice and suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

Cheers. Cheers to what we possess within ourselves. Cheers to the possibilities of this day.

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