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I was considering posting this in the news discussion as well as a general point on the limits of pixel peeping, but I know it'll be shot down in flames as more Sony fan boy whingeing. The fact that it's all true has no bearing on the prevailing wisdom here.

Most of it is common sense but it could be presented in the News forum as a general Idea that IQ between sensors of different sizes should be done at native resolution and resized to the same size, both up and down without referring to a specific product. I have done this for some time in this forum. Most people understand but some either don't understand or don't want to hear their beliefs challenged.

Back when the A100 came out people with the KM 7D bragged how their camera had better high iso performance. At that time I pointed out that when the A100 files were reduced to 6mp there was little difference in noise (also in the A700 vs A900 wars). The 7D owners didn't want to hear it. The reason of course, is people who own something they like and might not have the resources to replace it want very hard for their present product to be as good or better to justify keeping it. Such emotionalism resists logic and often cannot be reasoned with.

The same goes for brand loyalty with people defending their brand at all costs. It also manifests itself when we see people comparing products by emphasizing the positives of their product while simultaneously emphasizing the negatives of the competing product.

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Look at the picture, not the pixels


I agree with the idea of comparing like sizes/prints to compare high ISO performance. However, DPR's evaluation of the high ISO of this new 24mp Sony sensor is spot on when you do that.

When I take the raws into ACR and process them to my tastes, I find that the 24mp Sony files come out with too little detail if I remove the noise to a point I'm content with, or are too noisy if I try to maintain detail. And no matter what, the reds losing too much detail at high ISO, even if I turn the chroma NR setting way down. This is still the case if I up-res D7000 files or down-res A77 files.

I think this 24mp sensor is really great in the low ISOs. The extra detail at base ISO above my D700 and D7000 is astounding. But my clients don't need or ask for more resolution than I'm giving them. And I find myself shooting at either base ISO or 6400+

That (aside from glass, ergonomics, the excellent clouds of focus points in my cameras, and the insanity of the idea of switching) means for me that the A77 and A65 can only do half the task of either of my current cameras.
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