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Re: Cost and changeover

The two approaches aren't, that I can tell compatible. (My brother and his son are pretty active, I haven't been for several years so that may not be completely true).) In the past, the compatibility issues were for the most part the type of couplers used, there were several major players but assuming you ran only your own gear, you could run on any layout. As a guest on some one else's track, on your own layout,, build a module and join a modular club, etc. With digital, you need a compatible decoder in each locomotive, which I believe runs somewhere in the $100-$200 range or so.

That can be a chunk of change for someone with a lot of engines collected over the years. Also some may not be well suited to the conversion process due to the type of electric motor or space available, electrical pick-ups, etc.

However, I can still run circles around the Christmas tree if I want to the old fashioned way.

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