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User report

In the end, I pulled the trigger for a V1 and 10-30 plus 10mm whilst waiting for the D400/800. The PDAF technology is interesting. Nikon seems to have thought it through carefully as a BRIDGE system.

Nikon has made a major commitment. N1 won't fold like some other MILC brands.

Hopefully, Nikon will have a hot shoe adapter (like the SC-28) that will at least allow the DSLR flashguns to be fired off camera.

This is a post I made about the problem of too much DOF.

Above all, 2.7x crop is a killer app for wildlife. A 105mm 2.8 macro is equivalent (in reach but not in DOF) to a 300mm 2.8 on a FF camera. Any cheap decent zoom lens becomes a champion if only the center is used.

My advise is to use Auto Area AF, Progam exposure and adjust EV as needed. The camera seems to run smoothly in auto mode.

After 600 shots, my conclusion is that the V1 system is useful. But, you have to be realistic.

This is a tiny sensor. RAW IQ is surprisingly good in daylight. No smearing etc in NEF. Highlights (possibly even 2 EV in Standard picture control) can be recovered from NEF files.

With the 10mm pancake, center sharpness is good at f/3.2. My impression (comparing with D200) is that V1 10mp is credible for 1st Generation and $200 lenses. But, N1 really needs better and faster lenses.

In interior shots, noise is unfortunately always waiting in the shadows even at low ISO. It should be noted that black is very good (like D5100). It's the grays that have noticeable color noise. Worse than Pany GH1 at low ISO.

For decent and even lighting, ISO 3200 is usable. Otherwise, N1 ISO 800 is like D5100 at ISO 6400. Pany GH1 is worse at ISO 1600 because of the noise stains.

The D5100 shadows can be pushed hard. N1 cannot be pushed (turn off D-lighting). Indeed, some blocking may be desirable in interior incandescent light. But, N1 is still far superior to the Pany LX3 etc.

This is my advise. Turn off High ISO NR. The default setting is too strong. Shoot NEF and use a small amount of NR in PP. N1 Auto WB is not perfect. Manual WB may be necessary in artificial light..

In terms of operating speed, the V1 has its quirks. But, it's a speed demon compared to the Pany GH1 etc. As I have repeatedly said in the M43 forum, the M43 cameras are just not competitive in terms of electronics.

That's why M43 is still selling the old cameras at $299/$399. Even the GF3 (announced June 2011) is selling at $469 (launch $699).

The AF speed is amazing even in Auto Area mode and low light. Beats the D5100 (particularly in low light), and sometimes better than D300. Kudos Nikon.

The EVF has to be small because its a small camera. Unfortunately, the VF/LCD freezes/blanks briefly after a shot. As long as 3s after 20 NEF+JPY shots. Frustrating for sports and wildlife shooting.

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