Nex 5n or my trusty Canon s95?

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Re: Nex 5n or my trusty Canon s95?

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I am a retired academic who has enjoyed photography for about 30 years. As one who enjoys travel immensely, my wife and I have spent at least 6 weeks a year in Europe and a couple of weeks a year traveling around California (our home state) and the northwest for about the past 3 decades.

I spent many years using Nikon slrs and various lenses to photograph our travels, mostly taking slides and viewing them often with a projector and screen. Fast forward to about ten years ago when I began to use digital point and shoot cameras, always the higher quality ones, and left the slr and lenses in the closet. Viewing photos changed to 24 to 27 inch iMacs and on my flat panel TVs. I very infrequently did or do create prints larger than 8 x10 size.

Most of my friends use dslrs, view their photos as I do, and other than a small number of photos depicting significant motion (dogs running,etc.) or the infrequent night shot, my travel photos are usually better than theirs (I have a good sense of composition and some artistic skill). So say my friends.

I love technology, can easily afford much better photo equipment, and recently have been quite interested in the NEX 5n camera, kit lens, and the 16mm lens with adding another lens or two in the future a viable plan. But after spending the last several days reading a significant number of threads and viewing the attached photos on this board, I still can't decide whether there will be any significant difference in viewable quality in the vast majority of photos I would take during my travels with the NEX 5N versus my Canon S95. And that's based on my viewing many of my travel photos and comparing them to the photos I have seen on this board and elsewhere taken with the NEX 5N, or for that matter other similar cameras or DSLRs.

I believe that is because the Canon.S95 takes travel photos about as well as most better and more expensive cameras do when the viewing is primarily done on a good computer monitor or 42-50 inch plasma TV.

I would greatly appreciate your analysis of my views and whether you think a new NEX 5N will greatly enhance my photos and the photographic experience or whether the primary change will be more gear to carry and wasted resource utilization.



The 5N will change your whole life...I'm serious about that:)

I agree it is a fantastic little camera.

I had nex5+18-55 last year and used it for traveling... didn't want to carry around my Canon DSLR the only thing that bothered me was the distorsion and CA that forced me to shoot raw and it's not fun to correct a large number of vacation snaps.

This year I bought the 5N (18-55+16mm) which corrects for CA , distortion and vignetting and I'm not bothered any more.
The 5N+ 16mm is pocketable.

So keep the S95 and buy a 5N you can't go wrong with either of them.

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