Which camera would you buy an 8 year old?

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Re: Which camera would you buy an 8 year old?

My take would be either a Go-Pro Hero (they seem like the toughbook version of cameras), a film SLR (presuming you have a camera store nearby that sells them cheap, used) or an old dslr (D50/70, 10D, E-500 or similar) which are all around that price range, and then add either a prime lens or kit zoom). I agree with the build quality of point and shoots, and would guess the slrs could take a little more abuse.

The reason for the film reccomendation, is unless she's thinking of taking thousands of shots, there's no cheaper way to get a 16ish MP image, and older film SLRs are frequently tanks with few moving parts to break, metal case and lens bodies, etc. A Yashica FX-3, SRT-101 or similar runs under $50, has a meter, uses cheap lenses, are well built, and have a great viewfinder relative to most digitals. Yes, film development takes time, so the option isn't for everyone, but is a very inexpensive way to ease into photography. If the camera still looks to be in good shape after 6-12 months, you can probably sell it for what you paid for it, and consider getting her a DSLR, because you'll know she'll take good care of it.

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