Canon 1Ds mk2 image counter misbehaving?

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RTFM page 64 ;-)

If I recall correctly, the next shot gets the highest number on card or internal count. So if a card has a higher numbered pic it will follow that, if it has a lower numbered pic, it will use its internal counter.

If I'm right, it may have gone back to 0001, but then found a higher number on the card which it followed...

You could try renaming a pic on the card with n° 9998, take a couple of pics, put in a card with a pic named 8000...

RTFM page 64 :
Even if the memory card still has space, shooting is not possible beyond
file number 9999. If this happens, follow the instructions on the LCD
monitor and hold down the button and turn the dial to
select [OK]. A new folder will be created and you can continue shooting.
To prevent any interruption in shooting, set the file numbering method to
[M-Reset] beforehand.
¡If the memory card in use has a DCIM folder, the file numbering might
continue from the last image saved in the folder.

SamGoneFishing wrote:


I experienced something unexpected from my second hand 1Ds mk2. The image counter was showing 9xxx when I got the camera and soon after when the counter reached 9999 I expected the next frame to go back to zero. But for some reason it went to 8xxx. That was a few months ago and can't remember what I did but I am sure I was fiddling with the create folder in the CF card. I have used several cards over the period and messed around with new folders which did not seem to alter the image counter in anyway. So is there something faulty with my camera's counter. I have yet to try and do a manual reset, just want to know if anyone has experinced this with their 1Ds mk2?

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