Which camera would you buy an 8 year old?

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It really depends on the 8 year old.

Most of the 8 year old children of my acquaintance simply don't have the dexterity in their hands to use a delicate instrument without dropping it, banging it, and breaking it. (they also don't, in general have long attention spans)

If the child has good dexterity, buying a camera is a good idea, but I dont think a DSLR is what she needs.

I would recommend something like the Canon G11 or G12 if you think there is a chance the kid really wants to be a serious photographer.. These aren't particularly "cheap" but they dont require the purchase or a number of lenses and a camera bag "full of stuff".

(Im not a Canon fan.. Im recommending a TYPE of camera, not a BRAND).

They offer good enough image quality, and enough flexibility to let her decide what she really wants to take photos off, and how she wants to do it.

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