Which camera would you buy an 8 year old?

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Re: Which camera would you buy an 8 year old?

Either a Canon S95 or some travelzoom like Nikon S8200 (if willing to sacrifice some image quality for a lot more zoom). Those cameras fit in the pocket. The people who are telling you to get a film cameras have no idea what they are talking about. Like you said this is 2011. Teaching a kid how to shoot film is like teaching how to use a typewriter or write in cursive.

A used or refurbished DSLR is probably not a good choice either, because it will be heavy and bulky to carry for an 8-year-old girl. and obviously a lot less portable which means less time for taking pictures. Don't bother with a "tough" camera, they are just gimmicks and generally perform poorly in all other categories. You can drop a regular digicam and nothing will happen to it, other than maybe a tiny scratch or crack in the screen which isn't a big deal really.

If you want an interchangeable lens camera, you could get a used E-PL1 or G1 with the kit lens for within your budget, if you buy used. The image quality will be superb but the focal length of the kit zoom will of course be limiting.

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