Which camera would you buy an 8 year old?

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Re: Which camera would you buy an 8 year old?

But since it is the OP's daughter nothing will be to good for his "8" year old.

Not quite sure how to take that (or why the 8 is in quotation marks ...).

The point about mainly macros and portraits is a good one.
The point about the extending lens is a good one too.

The reason I wouldn't go with a $50 camera is that she's had those, and the build and image quality is terrible. It's not because I want to spoil her, they just don't produce good quality images.

I can understand trying to develop patience (pardon the pun) with film, and being processed, and learning to not be wasteful and pick your shots, but this is 2011 and it's competing with iPods, television, computers, as well as the regular sports, music, art, etc. Delays, films that are anticipated and then don't turn out properly, "only" 24 shots, lack of control unless it's a proper film camera, and a big one in 2011 - no video, mean that would be a hard sell, and likely a turn off from photography. I know that a lot, including myself, grew up with film cameras, and appreciate them, but they just have too many disadvantages over today's cameras at the day-to-day level.

I found another that may suit, for a little less, the Panasonic TS10. Just evaluating the image quality now to see if it's good enough.

I know that there are plenty on here that are thinking it's too much, but I'm looking for something that will last, will help her learn, and will produce results that will keep her interested in the longer term. The cheap end of the digital camera market has pretty rubbish build and image quality, and they don't last.

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