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Those who did not want digital......analog

Model Railroads have notorious wiring if run with power packs (analog). So if you are running 6 throttles, usually denoted by colour assignments, eg. George is using the red throttle, then wiring has to be done around the layout for each throttle colour. A layout may have over a hundred turnouts and each turnout has to have a common wire, then wiring for each coloured turnout. When it is done, the layout can look like a telephone exchange.

In fact, early hackers were teens who cut their teeth assisting in wiring layouts.

Digital simplifies wiring. You wire the tracks for power, then signals are sent through the rails to the engines via decoders, the decoders...well... decode the signals and the engine slows down, speeds up, stops, blows it whistle, releases steam etc, based on what it is told to do. You don't have to be very long into the hobby to realize that wiring becomes less of an overwhelming task with digital. I've seen layouts take years to wire; no longer with digital.

And just like you have more control with cameras "running digital" so you have more control of your consists, turn outs, etc running digital.

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