First DSLR for Teenager

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he he .... watch what you suggest here

M Morgan wrote:

And a good book on exposure and composition.

About $100 bucks with a 50mm lens.

It was my first camera in 1980. As a result of using that dinosaur I learned the relationship between shutter speed and aperture as a teenager, and how to compose a shot given I only had a 50mm lens. There was no "green square" to fall back on. I took this beast on a high school exchange trip to Sweden and managed to come home with several hunderd pretty good prints. Eventually I moved up to the Nikon FE2 and thought Aperture Priority AE mode was the best thing since sliced bread. Bottom line is I learned photography without the training wheels and instant gratification of seeing the mistakes in real time.

I realize that is probably a bridge too far these days so I will cast my vote for the used D50. Rugged little camera that I miss and an inexpensive platform to learn on.

A bridge too far? On this forum you might as well be suggesting that she learn to paint on the walls of caves.

Unlike many here, I do think that film is a very viable option for those on a super tight budget or just plain interested in the medium in general. I have noticed that many photographers are turning to film for their personal work ... often obscure processing too. I myself will occasionally shoot a roll of black and white film just for fun...I'm awfully slow at processing though.

I'm not convinced, however, that film is the right medium these days to spark an interest. Maybe later once, the seed has been sown.

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