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Pawel Olas
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Re: SD15

I had to replace my sd14 with sd15 a while ago and I'm still not convinced. The camera hardware is better for sure but the images are not what I expect from foevon. Sd15 requires much more post processing then my sd14. Additionally it is not supported by Adobe so you can forget about DNG, Lightroom and all Adobe goodies (unless you use my hacky and painfull workflow that involves swapping raw data in dp1s files).

Higher iso (by higher I mean 400+) is shockingly bad. Worse then sd14 as it has some horizontal bands (probably from AFE) that makes even b&w photos look horrible.
At the end I wish I still had my sd14.

Ah and of course focus had to be adjusted as camera was front focusing with manual focus (Af was ok).
So if you have patience and a grand to spend you could upgrade....

Here is my hacky SD15 workflow described in detail:


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