Olympus Ep 3 or Sony Nex 5n or??? Advice please.

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Re: Olympus Ep 3 or Sony Nex 5n or??? Advice please.

Considering that Olympus will probably die soon, I wouldn't touch it. And mind you, I'm an Olympus owner -- E-510. Still, my experience with Olympus has not been good at all. The worst is that not only did Olympus produce a shoddy product, but they added insult to injury by disabling functions out of spite -- like turning off the internal image stabilization and focus confirmation if you mount a legacy lens with an adapter. Then they force you to buy an old slow small xD memory card -- that must be made by Olympus -- if you want functions like the panorama function to work.

Now the E-510 routinely malfunctions and insists that it will not save a picture to my CF card because I don't have a "panorama memory card" in the camera. That is not saving panorama pictures -- that's just normal shooting getting disabled by a bug in the Olympus firmware. I could go on and on for pages... Of course there will never be another firmware upgrade for the E-510.

I just purchased a used Canon 5D for my new main squeeze. It's a joy.

There are many things wrong with Olympus, but the single worst is the fact that they married the 4/3 sensor size. It's the smallest, noisiest DSLR sensor in the industry. Period. No question about that . And it blows highlights all of the time. Any APS-C or DX sensor will be better.

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