105DC vs Sigma 85 on D700

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Syracuse wrote:

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My advice? Ditch the idea about the 105 and get the 135 for the extra compression. It's magic. I know you think 135 is too long I used to think the same thing. 105 is too short alot of the time so it works both ways. I have a 24,50,85 and 135 so quite a nice spacing.

Thanks for your advice. Although over 50% I shoot around 90-100mm, but I did shoot on around 135mm sometime, probably about 30%. So, I could consider 135. But I found the review from the following link, 135DC is worse than Sigma 85, although Thom Hogan praised about it.


Too bad not many reviews of 135DC on full frame cameras. Do you have some other webs about lens reviews ? Thanks.

Honestly, the digital picture comparison charts and reviews are not super accurate. The 135 is a tried and tested professional piece of class with an untouchable quality to it. You buy it "for the look". It is that kind of lens. It's not a 70-200. (and that's good for alot of reasons, the weight for one!)

Some reviews

Ken (say what you will be a good informative review) http://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/135mm-f2-dc.htm

fred and miranda round up http://www.fredmiranda.com/reviews/showproduct.php?product=77

oh and you simply must watch this review: this guy is very good generally

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