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Re: Heavy moderators and censorship

rsn48 wrote:

The best criticism I've read of the USA is that although they build the Stature of Liberty on the East Coast, they forgot to build the Statue of Responsibility on the West Coast.

Actually the French built the statue of liberty and gifted it to the USA.

And it swings both ways, its not just the insulter who eventually leads to "forum pollution" but the responder as well. I find once the insults start, eventually I don't care who the "injured party" is and wish they would both shut up.

That is half the problem. Trolls know that. So by hurling insults and provoking someone, they can easily get the opening post including pictures they don't like deleted.

People whine on and on about freedom of speech, and rightly so - it is important. But it does not extend to slander.

Concrete example - I posted pictures of the planetary alignment and some nerf herder decided that because they weren't pretty deep sky images I should not have posted them. Called them stupid, not worth posting, me an idiot for posting such "rubbish" etc. etc. When I responded that his attitude was attrocious and that he should not be trying to discourage people from taking photos just because he personally didn't deem them worth, it was on. End result was that a couple of loud nasty trolls joined in and the whole thread, including my pictures was deleted. The idiots that started the whole flame war weren't upset because their opinion was that the photos should be deleted, and they were. Meanwhile the trolls themselves had nothing of value to contribute. Yeah thanks for the moderation.

Funnily enough I don't bother posting my own pictures here half as often these days. I'm happy to stand up for myself if ridiculed but why waste my time contributing to a board that has no respect for the pictures in the first place? Suddenly standing up myself resulted in having a perfectly good experiment deleted. Why waste my time on something that will be deleted? I'm suppose to just let people be abusive without comment? No thanks.

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