What is happening to these forums

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Heavy moderators and censorship

I have moderated in a non-photographic forum and the atmosphere was much more civil; however I didn't like it. Sometimes censorship is a good things, it keeps the atmosphere "level." But sometimes in communications, there is more to it than just being "level." I have left forums because of heavy handed moderators, because censorship can go the other way and silliness gets censored.

The best criticism I've read of the USA is that although they build the Stature of Liberty on the East Coast, they forgot to build the Statue of Responsibility on the West Coast. With freedom of speech comes responsibilities; when you get forum members who don't know how to play nice in the sand box, you get trouble.

And it swings both ways, its not just the insulter who eventually leads to "forum pollution" but the responder as well. I find once the insults start, eventually I don't care who the "injured party" is and wish they would both shut up.

And I find the nastiness on forums is cyclical, usually the worst forum members eventually get the boot, then the forums settle down for a while until the next knuckle dragger comes along. There are so many folks without people skills, its unbelievable. I remember when I was a young bunny and I joined the Canadian Armed Forces, my father said to me - "And now son, you are going to find out just how many weird people there are in the world!" At the time, I didn't know what he was talking about, unfortunately I do now - Thanks dad.
Photography is, indeed, an inclusive language. Ansel Adams

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