What is happening to these forums

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Sammy Yousef
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Gone to the dogs

It's not just a recent problem, but yes it keeps getting worse here.

This has been THE number one vilest board for insults and put downs that I have ever frequented. That is saying something. I've been on a lot of forums. Here I've been called everything under the sun - idiot, liar, terrible parent, even zoophile and worse. I've been accused of wanting to destroy people's businesses. I've been told to put down my camera because my photos are rubbish. I've been ridiculed for mourning the loss of a pet. I'm not alone - others have been abused for daring to post pictures of her children on one of the camera forums, as if skipping the post were too difficult.

When the moderators do act, it usually just consists of scorched earth deletion of large parts of the thread without any distinction between actual valid content and bickering. With that approach all that a troll has to do is push someone's buttons then spout abuse and they win - if the other person retaliates, their content is deleted, and if the other person doesn't fight back (as the ridiculous "don't feed trolls" mantra dictates), the abuse and misinformation stands unchallenged. If you suggest they are out of line they proudly tell you that free speech means they're allowed to be obnoxious here (which is just not true)

It's worse here than the old unmoderated newsgroups were. Only reason I keep coming is I do encounter decent people and photos among the rabble, but I fear the way this is going it won't last long.

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