Zeiss lenses for Pany G3?

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Re: Zeiss lenses for Pany G3?

When I adapted my Leica-R lenses to my Canon gear I used the cheap adapters and had no problems at all, in fact the machining of the parts was very impressive to me (and I work in the aerospace industry and am used to precise machining).

Leica lenses are certainly no worse than Contax or Zeiss lenses... and often they are better.

Not to start a Leica vs. Zeiss war!

drinkonlyscotch wrote:

I'm an old Contax fan as well. As others have mentioned, the focusing is the issue with the G Lenses. I have not picked-up a G adapter. However, I did get the Novoflex C/Y adapter which has been amazing. The color is great and distortion is minimal to non-existant, but it is a challenge to focus. Even though the SLR lenses have focusing rings, using the focus assistant is a little clumsy. I've found I'm only able to get a tack focus with a tripod, which isn't a huge deal for the way I normally shoot. This is partially related to the general weight and heft of the SLR lenses so your results with the tiny G lenses may vary.

I'm not sure if the Novoflex G adapter has a focusing ring or not, but I would strongly recommend staying away from the cheap adapters on eBay. The Novoflex may be 10x the cost, but the cheaper 43 adapters I've used don't lock the lens into position very well and the low build quality is fairly obvious. Plus, let's face it – mounting a Contax Zeiss on a $17 adapter just seems wrong.

You know what I keep thinking about given the focusing issues with 43 adapters? The Contax AX body. If you remember, the AX had a unique autofocus system that focused by adjusting the film plane, meaning you could autofocus with manual focus lenses. It would be really amazing if Oly or Pany made a M43 body that had such a focusing mechanism for use with manual focus lenses. There are clearly tons of old Leica and Zeiss hounds using these lenses on M43 bodies so that would be a really intriguing camera to many.

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