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My Advice on Everything

1. Last time I was a member of these forums was about 6 years ago. I spent a bit of time here, learned a few things, showed a few things, and then took a 6 year break. These forums are much less interesting than before so it's about time for a break again. A break for me is stopping by once a month or so to read the front page news and possibly look in a forum or two. Before I leave I'll give some advice. Take it or leave it. Like 99% of what you read in these forums I'll be giving opinions. If your opinion differs I'll still survive.

2. These forums will not make you a better photographer. The signal to noise ration is just terrible here. Go to another site if that is what you are after. These are gear forums plain and simple. If you don't like gear discussions then go away and stop crying about it. Forums exist on other sites that are what you want. Go find them and go away.

3. If you don't like trolls well just ignore them. It amazes me how someone will post some interesting photos and get maybe one or two responses yet an obvious troll thread will go 100+ posts in a day. Those of you that enter the thread or complain are your own worse enemies.

4. Olympus stock. Who gives a damn? I don't. I also think all of you obsessed over this plus whatever financial irregularities are being reported are idiots unless you actually own part of the company. If you do I still don't care. Go cry about it more. You are only proving yourself an idiot. Go out and take a photograph. Kiss a girl. Watch the sun rise. Cook a good meal. Find something to do with your life better than cry where no one cares.

5. Jpeg vs. Raw. If you like Raw you are correct. If you like Jpeg you are correct. I like photos. Every upgrade I've ever made was with getting a better jpeg in mind among other things. That is why I have an EP-2 now and am not planning any upgrade in the near future.

6. The best black and white conversion software. Frankly I think DXO software is slow and their support borderline idiotic. I like TrueGrain. Use whatever you think is best but for true film like results I prefer TrueGrain. This is based off of doing test prints.

7. Olympus vs. Panasonic. Olympus. IBIS is the number one reason but I also prefer the styling and output. I actually like modern Olympus lenses but have given all of mine to my son. I only use legacy glass now with it so IBIS is a real benefit for me.

8. Olympus vs. Sony. Olympus again. Keep in mind I still own a Nex3 and actually like it but the Olympus EP-2 is a superior low light tool. Yes the Sony has better high ISO IQ but that is eliminated by the OLY IBIS. Sorry but the advantage is easily 2 stops or more consistently in favor of the Olympus.

9. More megapixels do not make photographs better. I have been making beautiful poster size prints for years with a Nikon D100, 17-55mm 2.8, 35mm 2.0D, 85mm 1.8D and various homebuilt high speed macro lenses. I don't understand how some of you get so excited by many of these newer cameras with high mp counts but relatively little in the way of real IQ improvement. If you feel different then just please go away. Your opinion is worthless and it is idiots like you that are driving a real lack of sensor improvement in the market buying new and shiny things just for the sake of having the newest shiny thing.

10. Lenses. I recommend the Nikon 85mm 1.8D. Lightweight, relatively inexpensive, and as sharp as you need at f2.0. I've had the 1.4D and sold it quickly. I saw no real improvement.

Nikon 50mm 2.0 AIS. Normally I'm not a big fan of anything slower than 1.4 for a 50mm but the 2.0 AIS is tack sharp wide open. I use it before my 50mm 1.2 AIS because of the compact size. I recently decided those two were my best Nikon 50's and sold off all the others I had including multiple 1.4 and 1.8 auto and manual focus lenses.

Nikon 35mm 2.0D. Not as high a contrast at equal apertures as the 35mm 1.4 AIS but on a digital body that hardly matters. The difference is so small you have to shoot them back to back on the same scenes to notice it. The 2.0D is better because it focuses closer IMO. Often when using the 1.4 I often would find myself wishing I had brought my 2.0D so I could focus just a little closer on some detail that interested me.

Those are my entire kit. I still have bags full of lenses but those are the ones that I always go back to. 2 of those three are always in my camera bag depending on what I think I will need. A third spot is for a macro lens. In the future I may make a post about macro lenses but that would take more time now than I care to spend here.
The worst vice is advice. - John Milton from The Devil's Advocate

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