17-40F4 better long term investment?

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Re: Lenses May be Better than Investments!

gatorowl wrote:

Lenses not investments?

Does that mean that they are a consumable good?

Your thoughts about what you imagine you could get for your used lenses are interesting. I suppose that if you can predict price increases and pick exactly the right lens you might get lucky and sell a lens at the right moment to the right buyer for what you paid or, in very rare cases, a little bit more.

However, I can pretty much guarantee that the 17-40 is not going to be a good investment, if by that we mean a thing whose value will increase at a good rate over time. This lens is already readily available on the used market for less than its new cost, and it is not exactly a specialized lens nor one that is especially desirable or in sort supply.

It is literally true that on average putting the money under your mattress and pulling it out in a year or two will be a better investment.

Lenses are better regarded as a "cost" than as an investment. Think about the cost of ownership per photograph or per month. The value of the lens is not in its investment potential but in its capacity to function in your photography.


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