How is this print so valuable?

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Some answers/observations for you
  • Even if it were "interesting" by your standards, let's say for the sake of argument, extremely interesting, would you be willing to pay that much money for it (assume you have the bank account to support such a purchase)?

  • How do you define value? If you define it functionally (i.e., "it will match my decor" or "it fits above my TV"), I dare say you will never pay above, say, $100 for any piece of art. If you define value by purely objective terms, you will not connect with a piece of art.

  • Don't forget the value of brand . That photo sold for that price as much for who took it (perhaps much more so) than what the photo contains within the confines of the 4-sided frame.

  • That photo is actually very nice, and yes, interesting, for the graphical elements it contains and how it arranges them. As we grow in our appreciation and practice of photography, we come to love these graphical arrangements better. To be a good photographer, John Shaw says, we have to think photo- graphically , in terms of shapes, colors and structure. That photo emphasizes graphical relationships over the more obvious things we tend to focus on (sharpness, saturated color, cuteness, beauty, etc.)

  • Going back to the question of value, I dare say (and I'm sure you will object) that you didn't pick your camera based on a pure objective, it-all-adds-up analysis. If you're honest with yourself, you will acknowledge a strong emotional and/or subjective component to your decision. If we all added what we truly get out of a camera in purely subjective terms and fixed our price not to exceed that grand total, Nikon and Canon would go out of business in six weeks flat.

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